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Wrap Types

We will help you create the perfect wrap designed with all of your ideas, wants, & wishes in mind. Florida Wrapz still takes pride in their work. Family owned & operated. Indoor climate-controlled environment for clean, flawless installations.

We wrap almost anything

Cars, trucks, box vans, trailers, boats, ferries, planes, billboards, floors, elevators, ceilings, your desk, your kids, your cat, you name it, we'll wrap it. Ok, not the kids or cat, but you get the idea.

Wrapping Materials & Styles

With vinyl wraps your not limited to one finish, there are many to choose from like Matte (flat black), Glossy, Carbon Fiber pattern, or even just clear vinyl to protect  your finish. Unlike paint, vinyl wrap gives you the freedom to wrap as much or as little of your project as you want.

With a partial wrap, only a part of the vehicle is covered, allowing the original paint to show in other areas. With this style, you could do something as simple as adding a logo, phone number or a website to your vehicle. Or get creative and add a custom graphic, and transition between the original paint and the wrap. The wrap can have the same shine as your paint, or transition to any color or effect. If you can dream it, we can wrap it!

With a full vinyl wrap, the entire vehicle is covered front to back. Our certified experts apply wraps for complete color change, custom graphic or carbon fiber. Whether you want to show your logo and brand, or have a custom design of a fire dragon eating your competitors in 3D, the choice is yours. Your vehicle is a blank canvas, and we're your brush.

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